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Supportive Living Services

SLS Mission

The mission of SLS is to increase accessibility to quality affordable housing in Essex County to individuals diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness and to provide comprehensive, high quality mental health services. In doing so, we endeavor to help individuals develop a personal wellness and recovery plan leading to successful re-integration into the community.

Supportive Living Services (SLS)

The Supportive Living Services are designed to create permanent consumer 'leased-based' housing for individuals diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness. The goal of SLS is to assist individuals who are currently hospitalized, homeless, or living in sub-standard housing in gaining access to adequate, affordable housing.

SLS's geographic region includes areas in Essex County that are convenient to mass transportation, employment opportunities and various social services and natural community supports to successful treatment and wellness and recovery.

In addition to identifying and developing housing opportunities, SLS offers flexible support services that are based on wellness and recovery principles. It is the belief of the program that with support and access to a safe, affordable living environment an individual in recovery will be able to live in the community and achieve a higher quality of life.


All SLS services are individualized to meet the needs of each individual and are designed to facilitate a seamless continuum of care for each person.


Services May Include

  • Recovery Management
  • Psychiatric Monitoring
  • Consumer Psycho-education and Support
  • Family/Significant Other Education and Support
  • Consumer Advocacy
  • Employment, Volunteer and Educational Opportunities
  • Life Skills Development
  • Management of Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Symptoms Assessment, Management and Supportive Counseling
  • Social, Recreational, Leisure Activities

Eligible Individuals

  • Individuals who are 18 years of age or older, and are diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness, may be eligible for the SLS program.
  • Supportive Living Services prioritizes referrals for housing from the State and County Hospitals as per our funding source. We have a limited ability to accept community referrals for individuals who are diagnosed with a mental illness and are homeless.


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