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Riskin Children’s Center

  • The Riskin Children’s Center provides high quality, affordable, comprehensive, accessible and culturally appropriate mental health services for children.
  • The Riskin Children’s Center integrates many services under one roof, addressing the mental health and any related physical health issues a child may have.  Each child receives a personalized treatment plan designed to effectively address their individual situation.

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Prospect House

  • Prospect House is a partial care program for individuals within Essex County who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and are in need of psycho, social and/or vocational rehabilitation.
  • Located in East Orange, Prospect House is our day treatment center which helps those with mental disorders to successfully manage their illness and significantly lower their risk of re-hospitalization.  Our mission is for individuals to function independently in the community.

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Prospect Employment Services

  • Prospect Employment Services (SES) provides vocational training, job placement assistance and ongoing support for individuals recovering from mental illness who are striving to return to the work force.
  • The philosophy of Prospect Employment Services (SES) is that every person diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness is capable of working competitively in the community within their job preference field and in the right work environment. Clients are provided with vocational training both individually and in group settings to help secure and retain employment.  Employment Specialists assist program participants with identifying their strengths and working on established goals to address any barriers to successful employment. 

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Supportive Living Services

  • Supportive Living Services (SLS) offers adults recovering from mental illness the opportunity to access affordable housing through placement, service coordination and ongoing assistance.
  • Supportive Living Services offers quality, affordable and permanent housing opportunities to adults diagnosed with mental illness who are at a point in their recovery where they are able to live independently and would benefit from assistance and coordination of services. SLS provides community-based supportive services to promote independence, wellness and recovery.

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Center for Low Cost Psychotherapy

  • The Center for Low Cost Psychotherapy (CLCP) offers psychotherapy services, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring to adults who can benefit from these services.
  • The Lewis H. Loeser Center for Low Cost Psychotherapy (CLCP) provides comprehensive outpatient psychotherapy and psychiatric services for adults using a unique panel of private therapists who accept referrals on a sliding scale basis.  In addition to these referrals, a limited number of individuals receive counseling and therapy services on-site at our offices at 33 South Fullerton Avenue in Montclair.

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Integrated Case Management Services

  • Integrated Case Management Services (ICMS) serves individuals with persistent mental illness who need assistance, support advocacy, referral, and intervention in all areas of maintenance for management of mental health.
  • Case management services provided by ICMS are consumer – centered and designed to assist adult clients in their recovery by helping them gain access to needed medical, social, educational, housing and other services and resources. Patients in state and county psychiatric hospitals are eligible for ICMS services, which are designed to integrate them back into the community of their choice upon discharge and reduce their reliance on acute care settings.

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Collaborative Justice Services

  • Collaborative Justice Services (CJS) assists individuals with mental illness who have become involved in the state and/or county criminal justice system, providing jail diversion when possible and advocacy/service coordination for consumers who do become incarcerated.
  • Included in the broad range of services provided by Collaborative Justice Services (CJS) are discharge planning for non-violent offenders re-entering the community, court intervention/representation, and client advocacy.  CJS also provides extensive training and continuing education for law enforcement staff to give them a better understanding of how to recognize symptoms of mental illness and how to interact with clients who may be in crisis.


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Intensive Family Support Services

  • Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS) is a free service that provides support, counseling, consultation and education to all family members and friends who are concerned about the mental health of a loved one.
  • Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS) recognizes that caring for someone who has a mental illness can be both be physically draining and emotionally stressful.  We are able to provide families with the resources they need to cope with their situation through individual consultations, support groups and psycho-educational workshops.  We also provide advocacy support and referral to services to assure the continuity of care.

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