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Riskin Children's Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Riskin Children's Center is to provide high quality,
low cost, comprehensive, easily accessible and culturally relevant
mental health services to children.

Our goal

Our goal is to promote mental health, nurture confidence and cultivate
well-being for children and adolescents.


About the program:

The world we live in today is very complex and many children have trouble dealing with the challenges they face. For some, these struggles may be indicators of more significant issues. Few things are more upsetting for a parent than having his or her own child struggle with a serious illness. This is especially true in the case of mental illness or severe behavioral disorders.

Questions about treatment options, where to find them, the possible need for medication and the prognosis for long-term recovery can be overwhelming. The Riskin Children's Center provides options for addressing these matters.

We offer a creative team approach to meet the emotional needs of children ages three to seventeen.


The Riskin Children's Center integrates many services under one roof, addressing the child as a whole. Each child receives a personalized treatment plan designed to effectively address their individual situation.

Some of the concerns which may be facing children who could possibly benefit from clinical interventions include:

  • Sadness or minor depression
  • Coping with issues of grief and loss
  • Difficulties with attention, behavior or peer relationships
  • Oppositional attitudes and behaviors
  • Anxiety or frequent worrying
  • Early indicators of more serious psychiatric conditions



Our services include:

  • Assessment: A full evaluation of the child is done by licensed therapists, strengths and abilities are addressed and a comprehensive treatment plan is developed.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation: A Board Certified Psychiatrist is an integral part of the staff and is available for evaluation, planning and medication monitoring for children enrolled in the program.
  • Individual and Group Therapies: Play therapy, art therapy, and drama/music therapy are incorporated as child-friendly elements of treatment. Age appropriate therapeutic activities are integrated into the program for older participants.
  • Parenting Skills are explored and a variety of child-rearing techniques are discussed to help parents find an effective model that works with their family's style and aids in their child's treatment and recovery.



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