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Prospect House 


A Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program For the Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill

Prospect House is a program designed to meet the needs of individuals who have been psychiatrically hospitalized and those with severe and persistent mental illness. It is also home to Prospect Primary Healthcare, which provides quality, comprehensive physical healthcare, including specialists and labwork as needed, to adults within our programs.



Our Mission Statement

Prospect House, a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program, empowers the individual to identify life goals, by providing the necessary environment and interventions. An individual's quality of life and functioning will be enhanced by increasing independence through the ability to self manage their psychiatric illness. We recognize the capacity of every individual to grow and learn. Reintegration into the community is achieved by social and vocational skills training. Through family and community education the detrimental effects of the stigma associated with psychiatric illness will be lessened.

Our Goals

  • To provide support and to foster the development of skills which enable successful community living.
  • To reduce the need for hospitalization and re-hospitalization.


Our Services

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation is the treatment modality of Prospect House.
  • Prospect House members participate in a therapeutic community. The program is designed to facilitate growth by helping members to join together to perform necessary skills required in the community.
  • Each member has a role and purpose in contributing to Prospect House.

Prospect House offers:

  • Pre-Vocational training and opportunities
  • Case management services for obtaining/maintaining housing and finances
  • Educational support services
  • Social skills development
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Medication services
  • Family consultation
  • Services for the elderly population
  • Substance support and referral


Prospect House was developed in the early 1960's to meet the needs of many individuals discharged from state and county psychiatric hospitals. The program has grown to become one of the largest psychiatric rehabilitation programs in New Jersey.

Prospect House is partially funded by the Division of Senior Services.
The Mental Health Association has facilities in several suburban locations serving clients with family and individual problems.
The Executive Director is Robert Davison.




Referrals may be sent by phone, mail or fax to Prospect House at:

Phone: (973) 674-8067
Fax: (973) 677-7719

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