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Prospect Employment Services

The staff at Prospect Employment Services is committed to providing empowerment, uplifting and advocacy intervention measures that assist clients in reaching their individual goals of employment, financial independence, wellness and recovery.

We work as a team and provide services without discrimination, in a compassionate, dignified manner, in a safe friendly environment. Our service includes a balance of individual and group setting approaches.


Our staff is committed to:

  • Establishing placements in an integrated competitive employment setting
  • Helping clients to gain quick access to employment by addressing barriers to employment
  • Career Exploration-Staff will help to explore different jobs and careers to find the ones that match your interests, experiences and abilities.
  • Benefits Planning- Assisting you with reaching out to Social Security and verifying the maximum funds that you are allowed to make so you can make an informed decision.
  • Internships- Staff will assist you with finding valuable opportunities and link you to employers for rewarding experiences and re-enforcing your skills.
  • Job Development- Staff will transport you into the local community and surrounding areas to actively seek out employers and to complete applications.
  • Job Coaching- After securing employment of your choice, staff will help you to adjust to the setting while you maximize your performance to meet your potential.
  • Extended Support- Staff will provide supportive guidance and services as needed even after your placement.

Job Readiness Group:

Prospect Employment Services offers a six-week Job Readiness Group for consumers to discover and assess their potential and possibilities for employment. The purpose of the group is to provide additional vocational support to individuals seeking employment. The curriculum includes job seeking skills, resume writing, mock interviews, public speaking, job searching, career assessments, etc.

We strive to set our consumers on the path toward finding a job that is right for them.

Computer Training Classes:

Learn the basics of navigation in the operating system. Learn security techniques to keep your system Safe. Discover how to find out information about your system, and personalize your system. Learn about the Internet and its structure. You will also learn about search engines and perform simple searches, in addition to getting a brief introduction to e-mail. Learn how to sign up for a free e-mail account; send and receive a message; set up an address book; send an attachment; and learn basic online etiquette. The class provides online resources and personal assistance to job seekers as well as: advice on how to speed up your job search; self-assessment and the career planning process; hands-on resume and cover letter writing; employer research/job searching techniques; and effective interview follow-up.

Men's Employment Network Group (M.E.N.):

This network is designed to facilitate purposeful dialogue and/ or exercises that will help in motivating and building their self-esteem in their efforts towards acquiring or retaining employment. Important opportunities and exclusive job leads will be available. Each week will also include Shop Talk featuring guests who will help the M.E.N. connect with success.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Psychiatric diagnosis
  • Resident of Essex County
  • Motivated and committed to the process of pursuing employment


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