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Project F.ER.S.T.


For families living in Essex County who have a loved one with mental illness, the MHAEC implements an Acute Care Family Support Program which is known by the acronym: Project F.ER.S.T. – Family in the ER Support Team.


Project F.ER.S.T. – Family in the ER Support Team.

This free service supports families who are in the process of having their loved one's mental health evaluated.

Does the thought of going to a hospital's emergency room with your loved one who needs a mental health assessment make you uneasy? Would it ease your discomfort if a professional counselor met you on-site, at the emergency room to provide support. That support is available to you now and at no cost. "Project F.ER.S.T." the Family Emergency Room Support Team provides on-site support, guidance and information to family members, and friends of individuals who are in need of an emergency room mental health assessment.


The on-site support is available in any emergency room in Essex County, Monday through Friday, 9am to 10pm. When you have a family member who is in crisis at the emergency room, call Project F.ER.S.T. at (973) 342-9468 and a counselor will meet you there.


Project F.ER.S.T. Family members' comments:

-"Excellent service."

- "The Project F.ER.S.T. people were great!"

- "I was impressed and pleasantly surprised that such a program existed. Thank you."



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