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Center For Low Cost Psychotherapy


In the mid -fifties a prominent local psychiatrist, Lewis H. Loeser was concerned with the lack of adequate mental health services for adults and families with limited incomes. He suggested to the Mental Health Association of Essex County, Inc. (MHAEC) that there might be local mental health professionals who would be willing to contribute time to an outpatient treatment program. In 1957 the Center for Low Cost Psychotherapy (CLCP) began with 12 private therapists and financial support from MHAEC. The program philosophy is to provide quality psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication management services for persons who can benefit from these services but cannot afford the fees normally associated with them. Utilizing the services of private practitioners helps MHAEC provide this program to individuals with Medicaid, Medicare or no insurance


In contrast with traditional psychotherapy programs, CLCP utilizes a unique administrative structure. The program operates out of a central administrative office in Montclair that employs a full time director, an administrative assistant, and a part-time psychiatrist who serves as medical director. Individuals are initially seen at the main office for an intake evaluation and can schedule the second appointment with our psychiatrist for further evaluation. After the initial evaluations, the individual with be referred to a CLCP therapist to begin treatment. Weekly sessions are held at the therapists' private offices located in surrounding communities or in our Montclair office. Treatment modalities include individual, marital, group and family therapies. Ongoing medication management services are available with our psychiatrist.


Following evaluation, individuals are assigned to one of the 25 private therapists who are on the CLCP panel of providers or one of the five in-house therapists. They include psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Before being accepted on the panel, therapists' qualifications are reviewed by the CLCP Professional Advisory Committee


CLCP is open to individuals 18 years of age and older who can benefit from therapy but cannot
afford to pay private practitioners' fees. Typical problems include anxiety, depression, family
conflicts, problems at work/school, financial stress and adjustment problems

For more information, please contact Diane Travers at (973) 509-9777


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