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Latino Outreach Program

Mission of the Latino Outreach Program: Bienvenidos:


The mission of Bienvenidos is to provide free, accessible, and confidential supportive counseling in English and Spanish to Latino individuals and families who have been affected by mental illness, and who reside in Essex County, NJ. Services are designed around the preference of the individual or family served and can be provided in their home or at our office in Montclair.


Who do we provide services for?

The Latino Outreach Program: Bienvenidos provides services to individuals and families who are Latino, reside in Essex County and have been impacted by mental illness. Insurance is not a requirement and all services are free.

What else do we do?

Bienvenidos collaborates with a variety of other agencies, in order to increase outreach efforts to the Latino community. Bienvenidos currently provides supportive counseling services in a variety of venues such as schools, after-school programs, churches, public libraries, and community centers.


Our program conducts free specialized community workshops throughout the year, designed to educate the community on topics such as depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. Our counselors can modify workshop themes and content according to your needs.

Counselors also host Community "Mood Check-Ups;" free mental health screenings held in a variety of public venues throughout Essex County. Our program counselors provide support and referral information on-site during the Mood Check-Up.


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